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Searching for Physical Therapy and Wellness Services near Centennial, CO?

At Kershner Physical Therapy, we help you relieve your aches and pains, get back to the activities you love, and make any age the prime of your life.

Physical Therapy

If lingering pains, achy joints, or nagging injuries have made it hard to do the activities you enjoy, you’re in the right place!

Pain can slowly wear you down. You might try to rest, stretch, pop a few pills, and that will help for a little while, but pain keeps coming back. Soon, you realize you have stopped exercising or playing sports, struggle to stand up after sitting, don’t sleep well, and are too stiff or sore to play with the grandkids when they visit. You may feel old and helpless.

Physical therapy can help you recover what pain has stolen and restore your active, healthy lifestyle. By understanding the source of your pain and correcting what led to your injury in the first place, we can help you get rid of the pain and keep it from coming back.

Are you ready to get back to your favorite activities? Give us a call today to learn how Physical Therapy can help.

Wellness - Strength and Conditioning

If you want to strengthen your body and prevent injuries so you can maintain your active lifestyle, this program is for you!

Recovering from an injury takes a lot of time, not to mention money.  But if you don’t take care of them, old injuries can lead to serious problems: chronic pain, muscle weakness, weight gain, loss of function, and more.  Soon, you may find yourself unable to enjoy all the activities you used to do with ease.

Wouldn’t you rather save yourself the trouble by preventing injuries in the first place?  You can take control of your health by strengthening your body now to prepare for the stresses of your active life.  No matter your starting point, you can preserve and even increase your power, mobility, and independence as you get older.

Age is not the problem.  Don’t settle for a slow decline.  When you take care of your body, you will be able to live the more active, more energetic, more fun lifestyle you desire.

Our wellness program is perfect for people who…

…Want to recover quickly from injuries and prevent new ones
…Want to continue their favorite sport, workout, or hobby safely
…Can’t afford to slow down their active lifestyle
…Are worried about that everyday activities like taking a walk, getting off the floor, or playing with the grandkids are no longer as easy as they used to be
…Are done with their prescribed Physical Therapy or rehab but want to keep improving their health

Are you ready to invest in your health for the long-term?  Give us a call today to learn how our wellness program can help.

Running Gait Analysis

If you want to optimize your running form to improve performance and decrease stress on your body, we can help!

Running takes a toll on your body, especially over long distances.  If your form isn’t correct, you won’t run at your maximum efficiency, which wastes energy and hurts your times.  Worse, you may develop imbalances that put extra stress on your body, leading to pain and injuries.  Even small defects can add up to big problems over time.

The best thing you can do to maintain your running lifestyle and improve your performance over the long term is to ensure your running form is rock solid.

Our Running Gait Analysis provides an in-depth look at your total-body running form and general movement patterns to detect any imbalances and inefficiencies.  We use slow-motion video to show you exactly what’s causing your pain or where you need to improve, and then we develop a plan to get you there.

Don’t let poor form slow you down or take you out of the race.  Get the expert help of a Physical Therapist who’s also an endurance athlete, having run in both the Boston Marathon and the Iron Man.  We know what’s important to you and what you need to run well.

At Kershner Physical Therapy in Centennial, CO we specialize in treating the following problems:

Back Pain

Don’t let back pain keep you from work or play when we have simple, natural solutions.

Neck Pain

Ease the pain of a stiff, limited neck and recover your full range of activity

Shoulder Pain

Stop struggling with painful, limited shoulders and start reaching your life’s full potential.

Knee Pain

Fix your achy, arthritic knees so you can get back to the activities you love.

Foot Pain

Rediscover the freedom of movement without pain or imbalance.

We love to help people like…

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