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About Kershner Physical Therapy in Centennial, CO

Are nagging injuries, lingering pains, or constant aches making it hard to do what you love?

You shouldn’t have to give up your hobbies, slow down your activities, or struggle to enjoy time with your family. At Kershner Physical Therapy, we help people like you get back to doing what they love the natural way, even when they’ve tried everything else.

Welcome! I’m Stu Kershner, owner and founder of Kershner Physical therapy. I’m dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves to enjoy their favorite activities without pain or limitations, especially in the great outdoors of Colorado. Unfortunately, too many people believe that pain is a natural part of aging or that there’s nothing else they can do to recover.

You don’t have to accept these answers. We’ve helped countless patients who have struggled for years with pain problems find lasting relief that they never thought was possible.  We’ve seen them get back to running marathons, biking every weekend, skiing all season, or just playing with the grandkids without fear of pain or days of stiffness.

How? By working one-on-one to understand the source of your pain and then treating the root causes, not just the symptoms. Medications only mask the problem, and pain will keep coming back after surgery if the underlying causes aren’t corrected. At Kershner Physical Therapy, we treat the whole person with a plan that works with your body, your history, your activities, and your goals.  We treat you like the unique individual you are.

Are you ready to win back to your full life from pain? Even if you’ve tried everything else, don’t give up! Give me a call or schedule a free discovery visit to learn how you can restore your quality of life.

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I treat a variety of injuries! Please contact me so I can help solve your pain problem so you can get back to the active, fit, and healthy lifestyle you love.

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Stu Kershner, PT, MPT, OCS

Stu started Kershner Physical Therapy because he knew there was a better way to help people than traditional PT, where the therapists often did little more than babysit patients doing routine exercises without much success.  He’s passionate about helping people understand and truly solve their biggest health challenges.  Nothing motivates him more than witnessing his patients’ relief and joy when they finally move without pain or complete a long run after years of struggling without hope.  He’s a runner and Iron Man contender himself who knows how important recreation, exercise, and outdoor activity are to your quality of life.

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